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Nice Outsourcing Video

January 31, 2008

I’m a bit busy for the moment. So I decided to post this great Asian Outsourcing video. It shows how outsourcing is changing lives in India

Posting videos in blogs is good I think. videos can be entertaining and they offer a unique perspective that words may not be able to convey.

Anyway, I have been busy with my work so I was unable to compose a long post. I have been learning about wireless phone contracts, wireless phone plans, and other mobile phone related stuff. It’s fascinating and exciting.

I hope that I can find the time to write about the new events in outsourcing next time. I hope that this post have taught you something about outsourcing.


Solutions to IT Hiring Crisis

January 10, 2008

The current IT outsourcing industry may be in trouble.

The steadily declining computer science enrollments and imminently retiring Baby Boomers in the coming years is bringing a possible talent gap.  Also the people the field needs the most are the least interested in joining the industry.

Some  analyst say that IT companies must alter the recruitment process they employ if they want to attract the talented people they need.  IT outsourcing companies have to take positive steps to convince talented individuals that a career in the IT industry is an attractive career option. Or else, people who end up detouring into fields that they believe will yield more satisfying and stable careers and the chasm between IT and the rest of the enterprise is going to grow even wider.

A good program for IT outsourcing companies would be to find ways to reach out to parents.  Parents probably hold the most sway over potential IT candidates career choices and they can also be a big factor in discouraging their offspring from pursuing an IT outsourcing career.

IT companies also have to overcome their reputation as workplaces stuck in the industrial age metaphor of the assembly line. They have to find ways to get the message out that IT work is more than that. Placing ads that seek intelligent and motivated individuals interested in a career enhancing business execution would be a good start.

Many computer science programs at universities are teaching students highly technical content which may need to be enhanced. IT is changing at such a rapid pace that it now requires a different generation of skilled workers. The industry may fail at  attracting and delivering the right type of students/graduates the corporations need without changing some of the basic structure of the academic programs. The gap will only become bigger if this issue is not addressed.

The industry should also strive for a balance between work and life. Let’s face it.  Any field is going to have constant recruiting issues if it continues to  requires constant overtime, weekend work and frequently requires workers to show up on holidays.

Balancing work requirements with personal and family requirements will help the quality of life for IT outsourcing workers. Helping them maintain a better work/life balance is a critical step in making enterprise IT a better place to work.

These are just some of the solutions that may help improve the state and future of the IT outsourcing industry. I’m sure there are other ways that can help make it a more attractive option to young and talented people.