The Philippine IT Industry and The Cyber Corridor

Asian countries like India, China and the Philippines have benefited from Business Process Outsourcing or BPO. This modern industry has become a powerful economic force because of the high demand for the outsourcing jobs through out the globe. Major call center companies need more workers to keep up with to the continuous patronage of customers.

The rise of BPO has made major changes to the Philippines. The country is now receiving recognition in the call center industry. It is now considered to be one of the major players when it comes to offshore outsourcing in Asia. Filipinos have become knowledgeable in customer service and large international call center companies are occupying the major business districts of the Philippines.

The Philippine IT outsourcing industry enjoys many advantages over other Asian nations. These advantages include overall quality, low cost, good quality education, good value, and increasing domain expertise. Filipino IT employees also have increasingly sophisticated performance metrics and program management skills.

Filipinos are also skilled in English communications since the Philippines was under American occupation for about half a decade. The high literacy rate is also a great reason why Filipinos have good English communication skills. The government has also designed programs that will boost the literacy rate of the Filipinos to further enhance the skills of Filipino Outsourcing employees. The government’s willingness to support the Business Process Outsourcing industry has given way to the creation of the Philippine cyber corridor.

The Philippine Cyber Corridor

The Cyber Corridor is an area that encompasses centers of technology and learning running the length of country. The corridor is an ICT channel that runs over 600 miles across the country, from Baguio City in the north to Zamboanga down south of the archipelago. It is supported by a $10 billion high bandwidth fiber back-bone and digital network.

The Philippine Government envisions the Cyber Corridor as a home to numerous cyberservice providers that supply expert services in various fields such as contact centers, animation, medical and legal transcription, online marketing, software development, e-learning, e-entertainment and gaming, and other back office operations.

The Cyber Corridor should hopefully satisfy the need of BPO locators who are continuously seeking places establish their business. The growth of IT centers in the countryside is being fueled by the increasing demand of more practical and feasible outsourcing sites outside major cities.

Smaller cities like Sta. Rosa, Legaspi, Naga Tagbilaran, Tacloban, Dumaguete, and Bacolod are currently play hosts to some of the biggest BPO companies that have invested in the country. Iloilo city has also emerged as an IT power in the Visayas region with the establishment of IT companies like, AOV Outsourcing service. The availability of quality workforce, abundant telecommunications facilities, sound business and incentives package from the local governments in these cities are enticing BPO countries.

The Philippine government is dedicated to the continuing growth of the Philippine Cyber Corridor. Now that the country ranks among top off-shoring hubs in the world, the government is devoting funds to create highly trainable, English proficient, IT-enabled management and manpower. A company can easily hire a competent and efficient project management employee from the country with minimal risks. This is a wise move considering that the growth of IT-enabled services in different regions in the Philippines is contributing significantly to the revenue collections of the Philippine government.

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